Good morning,

You’re fine and you want to get better,

You have a problem with a recurring pattern in your life,

You want to improve your health

You are suffering

You are ready to change

You just want to learn

to breathe properly, to meditate with support

You can benefit from private consultations.

You will be guided to exceed your limits, to awaken you to your life potential,

find balance and contact your inner truth

You just need to have a computer, which you already have since you read me, and download SKYPE, if you haven’t already done so.

Fill out the form.

As soon as we receive your payment your appointment will be confirmed by SKYPE.

The consultation lasts about 1 hour (sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes 1h15 depending on the work required).

1 session: 50€

10 sessions: 450€

Who is your coach?

Hi, my name is Seva.

Seva is my spiritual name, the vibration that corresponds to my soul. Its meaning: service

Since 1997, I have been helping and caring for many people around the world.

I speak French, English and Italian.

My training:

Kundalini yoga teacher diploma, trained by Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Rasayan’s diplomas as therapist and teacher (deep relaxation technique in her true identity from the Kundalini Yoga tradition), trained by Guru Dev Singh Khalsa

training at work through sound through several stays at the school of conscious living in Quebec.

My years of experience and practice have led me to develop listening yoga.

From 2008 to 2012 I was the president of the FFKY, the French Kundalini Yoga Federation.