Stay ZEN in all circumstances STOP with MEDITATION And realize your full potential!

You suffer from fatigue, stress, depression, depression, fears, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, digestive disorders, lack of concentration, migraines, hypertension, thyroid problems… ?

It is now widely proven that Meditation is essential to our health and well-being.


  1. Reconnect with oneself to be aligned and live in Joy
  2. Achieving Well-Being
  3. Managing emotions better
  4. Managing stress and/or pain
  5. Improve your health
  6. Rejuvenate

All this has been scientifically proven!


The NAM SAT Way is a new meditative technique in the West that allows you to learn to meditate and find pleasure very easily, without making any effort to access your happiness and improve your health conditions.

SAT NAM means your Inner Truth, your true identity

The SAT NAM way is the fastest way to learn to meditate

You are guided to recognize and welcome ALL your feelings without conditions, judgments, preconceptions.

In our present society we tend to be disconnected from our perceptions, our guiding mind, we are then dissociated from our deep nature and from our true needs. We then experience stress.

The most direct way to develop presence to yourself

You experience deep relaxation, peace and serenity in a lasting way

Thanks to the relaxation and inner silence that is created, you come into contact with your interiority, your true identity and your body acquires the necessary space to heal itself.

You learn to accept yourself and welcome who you are.

You learn to love and appreciate each other. You learn to listen to yourself and respect yourself. You learn to surf the flow of life with joy by practicing the path of no-doing, welcoming and neutrality.

I quickly create my inner silence and I reach peace, calm and relaxation

  • I say goodbye to stress, anxiety, fear, depression, pain…

I connect to myself, I learn to listen to myself, I welcome myself, understand myself and find fluidity and harmony!

With the stress gone, my body has space to heal itself.


Meditation is now recognized by science as a True Medicine. 12 to 15 minutes a day are enough to totally transform our living conditions, physical, mental, emotional, relational… to the depths of our DNA.

Integrative Medicine or Medicine of the Being it allows the body and mind to function together. Our cells listen to us, we have the power to create our own bio-chemical environment and the duty would say I, to create our GOOD HAPPENESS! 🙂


You have trouble meditating, does that annoy you?

Your thoughts are all over you and you don’t know what to do with them? You can’t stand still? You wonder what it’s for? You suffer in your life?

Discover ” The way of the SAT NAM “.

The most direct way to enjoy meditation and obtain all the benefits of meditation

Balance your energy vital, physical and psychological to enjoy life and succeed in your projects whatever your age Discover your REAL VALUE

Regenerate and Recover Your Wellness Capital

Caroline/Seva Kaur has been a quantum therapist and yoga and meditation teacher for 27 years. She was trained for over 15 years by a master yogi, Yogi Bhajan. She received valuable instruction on the

the functioning of the human body, the universal laws and the science of happiness and well-being.

It guides you in an easy meditative practice

  • to welcome you,
  • to discover you,
  • to recognize you and
  • to heal you
  • to allow you to live serenely
  • JOY and HAPPENESS in all circumstances.

  1. you already practice a meditation technique so you think it’s not for you? The Way of Sat Nam is a meditative practice that improves the quality of your other practices by reconnecting you to your sensory perceptions in a welcoming attitude. You know, I meditated for fifteen years before I realized that I always remained in an attitude of performance. Of course it did me good, it calmed me down, centered me but what really allowed me to transform is “The Way of Sat Nam”. Thanks to this practice, I was able to begin to really accept myself and love myself as I am. And above all, I could finally, in a very simple and easy way, get out of my mind and reconnect my feelings and the language of my body. I got inside myself. People are unanimous, this meditative technique based on not doing, welcoming, listening and receptivity very quickly develops inner peace, inner silence that allows you to listen to your own guidance and thus find your way. Life is getting faster and destabilizing. We are all led to detach ourselves from the happiness or security found outside. True wealth is found within, meeting your true essence. When you listen to him, welcome him and know yourself, the outside world begins to serve you. The methodology of The Way of Sat Nam applies to everyone and brings a lot. Whether you’ve ever meditated or not, you’re about to enter another world!
  2. You meditate and do not see the interest to participate in these workshops? With the Way of Sat Nam I learned that as soon as I have a REACTION it is that there is something inside me that stops and asks to come to light. There is something in me that requires to be worked, the other is only the mirror of what really inhabits me. This technique and way of meditating allowed me to accept my negative REACTIONS without judging or fighting myself. These reactions have always revealed parts of me that have not been loved or recognized. By welcoming them without concentrating on them, by allowing them to exist through the feelings they provide, these parts of me became integrated and I no longer needed to react.

Simply, quietly, gently, close your eyes to take care of yourself….

Discover yourself, welcome yourself, love yourself, overcome your blockages, recover from health and happiness,

Regenerate yourself!

Meditation helps to recreate nerve connections in the brain that have been damaged by stress, fear and trauma.

Meditating a few minutes a day improves brain function, strengthens the immune system and nervous system, helps to be more joyful, calm and positive and helps to cleanse.

the unconscious blockages and negative emotions that prevent us from being happy.

The way of SAT NAM: The meditative technique that allows you to practice meditation without getting bored or irritated.

The way of the SAT NAM, The meditative technique to experience peace, inner silence, relaxation, serenity in a lasting way.

By welcoming everything that inhabits you, La Voie du Sat Nam allows you to be in harmony with your interiority, detaches you from stressful conditions and thus creates a space for self-healing for your body.

Stress appears when we identify with external events.

Thanks to the Way of Sat Nam, I learn to welcome several feelings at the same time, I learn to know myself and welcome myself unconditionally. I learn to love myself and open myself to a harmonious Life.

Meditating becomes a wonderful adventure to discover myself. It’s simple, easy and effortless. I live the present moment in serenity and inner peace in all circumstances.

We alternate breathing meditations or mantra songs of about ten minutes with listening sessions to reach Full Consciousness.

Under the guidance of Caroline/Seva Kaur who is connected to you, the workshops that you will find on this site will take you into another time space that will allow you a reconnection to yourself, a listening and a welcome of all your realities, the overcoming of what limits you, a space of self-healing to welcome you your JOY, Wellness and healing.

“The workshops with Caroline are a gentle, stable and lasting transformation, without effort. »

With the way of Sat Nam, making inner silence becomes child’s play. We use our sensory perceptions to enter the meditative state and overcome ALL our blockages, whether physical, emotional or psychological.

I received this teaching from Master Yogi Bhajan for over 15 years. He has allowed me to be an internationally renowned therapist for 27 years. Today it is my turn to pass it on.

With the Way of Sat Nam, we learn to allow ourselves to feel, to let feelings and perceptions come to us without doing anything, without intervening and without passing judgment.

Our thoughts themselves produce feelings that are integrated into the experience. We learn to feel several things at once without concentrating or identifying with anything and we connect with our body. Our body is wise, it SAITS better than us. By learning to listen to his messages we can happily surf the flow of life.

Our body is the vehicle of our soul. Through our feelings, our soul expresses itself. We learn to hear it and listen to it to align ourselves with it. It is then that true happiness is lived and that life unfolds under our feet in a simple and serene way. We are guided and in harmony with Life, others, the cosmos and the Universe.

The Proramm

We learn to solve a resistance, i.e. a concentration, a stress zone, to integrate it into the global field experience of our feelings. We learn to welcome both pleasant and unpleasant feelings at the same time without focusing on anything in particular. Our consciousness widens, inner silence sets in.

Healing, peace and deep relaxation are the order of the day.

We don’t need to understand with our heads. Our feelings are our truth, they bear witness to what inhabits us. By welcoming them all unconditionally, we heal our stresses and wounds instantly.

We have access to biological decoding and deprogramming in order to gradually establish ourselves in Life and Health.

We save ourselves years of therapy of all kinds! (Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to your doctor when something is wrong!)

We learn to welcome our breath, to lean on it with confidence. By using it with a particular intention it becomes the best medicine, a great help.

We learn to feel, recognize and welcome all our feelings at the same time without being distracted by practicing a mantra, a sound. We develop the impact of our communication.

We learn to affirm who we really are, to take possession of our light to affirm and radiate it without fear.

We learn to align ourselves to our soul to live life in serenity, joy and happiness whatever the circumstances.

We detach ourselves from our negative and parasitic thoughts, we develop our inner guidance and intuition

Sat is your true identity, Nam is the incarnation, the expression of your true identity.

The Way of Sat Nam is Listening, Listening, Welcoming, Welcoming, Doing nothing, Settling down, Settling down, Recognizing, Respecting… To let live without intervening, to make the void… It is to learn to receive, to trust, to communicate with the Universe… It is to install softness, serenity, stability… It is to restore balance and justice in us, harmony…

In a world that functions on a male energy mode, it is rebalancing our energies by discovering our inner feminine.

The Way of Sat Nam is an alignment with yourself and the Universe.

“Wow, thanks, it’s instant. I entered a space of calm and silence. I feel relaxed. Everyone told me I had to meditate, but I couldn’t. Sitting in silence was impossible for me, it pissed me off much more than anything else. It even made me angry! Now I’ve finally figured out how to meditate. I can even stay half an hour in meditation. That’s great!”


Project Manager

“It’s magic to try! I feel fine in a few minutes and the condition continues. I’ve never found a teaching like this anywhere else. It’s confusingly simple for an incredible effect. To me, it’s worth all the therapies in the world. Thank you so much”


In charge of studies

“I am delighted to follow your teachings. You give me a simple technique that I can apply at any time of the day. Today I am much calmer and above all I now have an infallible way to defuse stress. I am much better in my skin, I have more self-confidence and even my health has improved. Every lesson is a pleasure. Thank you Caroline


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