Some practical advice

  • Practice fasting, about 2 hours apart, main meals. And think about drinking water afterwards.

Why fast: Simply because if you have just eaten, you need your energy to digest. If you use it to both digest and exercise, you are only producing additional stress to your stomach and your entire system instead of regenerating as you wanted.

Drinking water

Water helps the circulation of energy and allows a better elimination. When you do Kundalini Yoga, you clean up quickly. The body must be able to release released toxins. So remember, if you have a headache after a practice, even a very gentle one, or the day after a practice, rush over a big glass of water. Drink, drink, drink.

practice time

You don’t have to worry. If you find that the exercises are too long for you, you can reduce the practice time.

You start where you are, it is little by little, with regular practice that things will improve. The important thing is to enjoy the effort. There’s no need to force it. Yoga is a story of harmony, rhythm, union, discovery. Accept yourself as you are and let yourself be carried away by exercise little by little. Flexibility and endurance are acquired over time.

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude and respect towards this millennial science and the wise men who have conveyed it throughout your practice.
  • Never practice under the influence of doping products (alcohol, drugs etc…). This could be very counterproductive and dangerous.
  • When you practice you generate a lot of energy that continues to work for some time. Therefore we advise you, to receive maximum benefits:
  • not to smoke right after class.

You just oxygenated yourself. You’re all open. That cigarette there would be worth 12 at once.

  • not to take a shower right after class. The energy, or prana, continues to settle and, like small particles of magic powder, to descend into you. If you take an immediate shower, you would prevent yourself from receiving this blessing, the full effect of the effort you have just made.

Besides, you certainly sweated a little. It is important that your body has time to recover the mineral salts released by sweat.

  • Do not eat immediately after class. You would compensate the vacuum created by the practice, the cleaning that took place to leave place to the new, more crystalline, by food that would weigh you down immediately.
  • Take a few moments to savor your victory. You have moved into a particular space of consciousness to welcome the changes to come. Thank yourself and your body for supporting you in this adventure. Breathe with gratitude.

Before you begin, make sure you have read the presentation sections and choose a course.

I wish you all the best.