Welcome to ATLAS YOGA. Before you start your practice and to make it as efficient and fluid as possible, read the following sections: this presentation page, practical tips and choosing a course.

The teachers:

  • Seva Kaur
  • Nav Prem Singh

The exercises and meditations on this site are intended to be safe provided the instructions are followed carefully.

The results vary according to the physical differences of each person, the appropriateness and frequency of the practice. As with any unsupervised exercise program, the use of the instructions is at your own risk.

If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of the exercises, consult your doctor. Do not practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Be sure to read the following instructions before you begin your practice.

We advise you to work on an exercise or meditation for 40 days. Exercises and meditations work to open your consciousness and build your energy. Before building it is often necessary to deconstruct, so it takes 40 days to install a new operating habit. During these 40 days of practice you develop perseverance, courage, endurance; attitudes indispensable to human happiness.

Don’t set the bar too high, start with simple things of short duration and also say that the exercises you “enjoy” the least are often the most effective for your transformation.

As there is no teacher to correct you, you will be brought to cultivate your confidence and your attention. By following the instructions, by staying in contact with your feelings, by respecting your intuition you will be carried from one bank to the other in complete safety.

After an exercise, a series of exercises or a meditation it is important to take a little time of integration by relaxing, sitting or lying on your back.

IMPORTANT: When you begin your practice, whether it is an hour and a half or 5 minutes, you connect by singing the opening mantra. When you finish, you close the space by singing the closing mantra. See explanations below.

The opening

To begin our practice, we connect ourselves to the tradition of the Golden Chain, the long line of all the spiritual masters who preceded us, by reciting 3 times the following mantra :

“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”

(I bow before the infinite manifested, I bow before the, and my, infinite wisdom)

In doing so we enter a larger space of consciousness that carries and guides our actions.

Namo = I bow

Ong = the infinite in its manifestation

Guru = the energetic principle that carries what is still in darkness (the unconscious) to light (consciousness)

Dev = transparency, infinite wisdom

We recite this mantra aloud, sitting with the right column, palms joined at the centre of the chest, thumbs touching the breastbone and fingers pointing upwards. The eyes are closed and the gaze is centred on the third eye, the point between the two eyebrows.

Breathe in deeply and sing the mantra about exhalation. You can also take a little breath after “Ong Namo” to sing the rest of the mantra by stretching the sound to the maximum. The Dev sound is sung a minor third higher than the other sounds.

The Ong sound vibrates at the intersection of the back of the throat and the nose and massages the whole skull.

Once you have sung the Adi mantra, the opening mantra, you enter a “sacred” space of consciousness in which you will be guided.

Although a teacher is welcome, if you practice with honesty in your heart, your mistakes will somehow be covered. What is important in this yoga is not so much the search for the perfect posture but rather the gift of yourself and the intention you put into your practice. Postures are often practiced in rhythm and movement. With regular practice, you will adjust little by little. Or should I say, you’ll be adjusted as you go along.

Practice with the innocence of a child who discovers, without control and without search for perfection, simply to give, to give you, accepting not to understand everything. Have gratitude for yourself and for the life around you, you will see, you will be carried.

The Exercises

A series of exercises is called a kryia.

It is recommended to follow the exact order of the exercises, they have been programmed in an energy creating cycle.

It is also recommended not to exceed the practice times indicated for the exercises. However, you can reduce them without any problem.

Exercises are used to stimulate energy. They often work by exerting pressure that once released allows the energy to release and feed the points that need it.


“A Kundalini Yoga class is not limited to a series of exercises that stretch or stimulate the body. Kundalini yoga circulates energy and pranayama is its main tool. You have to be focused to be aware of your breathing. The breath can then be seen as the essential link with life. Breathing regulates vital energy, the quality of emotions and the direction of the mind.” Aquarian Teacher page 281

Deep relaxation

“Knowing how to relax is a divine quality. It allows us to be more centered and sensitive to life’s energy currents. «

“Deep relaxation alters the endocrine balance of the blood and brain function.”

“The posture of the corpse (lying on the back, arms along the body, palms facing the sky, without crossing the ankles) is the most suitable.”

Deep relaxation allows the body to harmonize itself without the ego intervening to direct everything.

Excerpts from the book “The Aquarian Teacher” page 283


Meditation is like taking a shower. You take a shower in the morning to wash your body and purify your energy. You meditate to cleanse and purify your mind.

Every blink of an eye generates thousands of thoughts. We have the capacity to manage only a tiny part of it. The rest flows into the unconscious. When the unconscious is full it flows into the subconscious. It is then very difficult to act consciously. Our actions, our emotions and our thoughts are coloured by the vibration of the subconscious. When you meditate regularly for even 5 minutes a day, you start emptying garbage cans. When the bins are empty, every thought you have is then projected directly, without interference, and you become much more precise and powerful in your projections. It is not uncommon to meditate by concentrating on a mantra or a breath and at the same time start thinking about the coffee maker you might have forgotten on the fire or about the children who have made a mistake… It is the cleaning that operates. In general when this happens we think that we have meditated badly, on the contrary, you have meditated so well that cleaning can take place. Your thoughts that pour into your meditation are the fruit of the unconscious and the subconscious that empty themselves. The vibratory frequency of these thoughts is transformed and elevated by the frequency of the mantra you recite. Your mind then acquires another hue and a peaceful tranquility.

Your nights will be more serene, you will no longer have to dwell or have nightmares!

Meditation is built. A little every day. Some days will be easy, others less so. But it is by disciplining yourself to practice it every day that you will get all the benefits. It takes 40 days to transform the vibrational frequency of a habit into a more creative habit.

The closing

We finish our practice, whether it lasted 5 minutes or an hour and a half, singing the SAT NAM mantra 3 times. A long SAT: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT and a small NAM. SAT is the truth, NAM is my identity. Thus, by pronouncing the mantra, sitting with the right column, the palms joined to the sternum, I affirm my true identity, I embody in my body the effects of the practice I have just done.

You can choose to practice a course in its entirety: exercises, relaxation, meditation or you can choose to practice only the exercises, meditation or simply relax in consciousness.