Where did Kundalini yoga come from?

“Kundalini yoga comes to you as a succession, as something that already exists. It is a heritage of love of the soul to experience identity”.

“This yoga comes from a lineage. It is an experienced practice transmitted for thousands of years by enlightened souls” from the book “The Aquarian Teacher” on page 24.

In the history of yoga, Kundalini Yoga is the oldest. Subsequently several schools were formed each studying a particular aspect of this yoga. Hatha yoga, for example, the best-known yogas, emphasizes the study of posture and the body.

To preserve all the teachings and because very complete and therefore powerful, Kundalini Yoga was transmitted in secret until the day when YOGI BHAJAN (1929-2004), Indian master, sensing the planetary changes to come and noting the real desires of the 68 generation, settles in Los Angeles then in New Mexico and opens this teaching, until then reserved for an elite, to the general public. Today this complete and global teaching is available to all.

In 1974, he created the 3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) to spread Kundalinî Yoga worldwide. 3HO sits on the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations as an NGO recognized for its drug detoxification and cessation programs.