Who can practice? Kundalini yoga, a yoga for all.

This yoga is for everyone. It is so varied and complete that there is something for all tastes, ages and abilities.

Note however that although yoga improves health, its practice does not replace a medical prescription. Make sure you have no contraindications with your doctor before you start.

Among Yogi Bhajan’s many original quotations is this one, “If the flexibility of the body is the only yoga, then circus clowns are the best yogis. “As important as the physical body is and desirable its flexibility, there is much more to gain from yoga, total happiness and success in life.

When you buy a new car, a toaster or a DVD (anything made of removable parts) the manufacturer provides you with instructions for use. The manual recommends certain procedures to achieve maximum effectiveness. It lists the check points and indicates the maintenance periods. In case of malfunction, it tells you what to look for and how to avoid future problems.

But where are the instructions for your care and maintenance? When you were born, you didn’t arrive well wrapped with a label attached to your big toe and labeled “Care and Feeding.” Although a human being is certainly one of the most complex mechanisms ever created, an instruction manual is not provided with every newborn baby. Perhaps the manufacturer assumed that mothers would study directly with experts to learn how to care for a newborn. But who are these “experts? “Not psychologists, not pediatricians and not the common sense of friends or neighbours, mothers or grandmothers (the latter probably learned a lot from difficulties and mistakes). The trained experts, the people who have developed the best methods to care for, maintain and get the maximum mileage from this human mechanism (and not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually) are the yogis.

Whether you’re rigid or flexible doesn’t matter. Everyone starts where they are. The goal is not to achieve postural perfection but rather to put one’s heart into it and do the best one can with what one has. Moving 1 cm towards the posture is better than doing nothing at all and will already give you a nice effect. Kundalini Yoga is for all those who want to successfully face daily challenges. Practiced honestly, this yoga, without danger, shines by its effectiveness.

Kundalini is a science, a method and a technique, so it doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, yellow or red, regardless of your religion. What counts is your desire to go to the essence of your being. After all we are all human beings, intrinsically we all function in the same way, we all have a soul, an ego, a personality, a heart…

  • laborer
  • undergraduate
  • retired person
  • handicapped
  • expectant mothers
  • sick
  • unemployed people
  • doctors and nursing staff
  • sporty
  • 20-55 years
  • 3rd age
  • teen
  • child from 8 years old
  • stiff or flexible person


  • complete
  • approachable
  • wide-ranging
  • safe
  • effective
  • rapid results
  • improves health
  • help for mental disorders
  • works on all aspects of the human being
  • Kundalini Yoga has completely changed my lifestyle.
  • All my little health problems are gone.
  • My life has regained meaning. What is important is not the event itself but what it brings to the level of inner knowledge.
  • I learned that every difficulty is not an obstacle or bad luck but an opportunity to grow, a test for my faith, my confidence and my commitment.

Yogi Bhajan’s teachings brought me happiness, serenity, wisdom, compassion and great stability, confidence, endurance, efficiency.

“To create sufficient reserves in the energy points of the body, energy will flow into the body along the appropriate channels. The excess energy can be stored in the energy points of the body and used in case of stress, to erase childhood pain, to overcome negative influences, negative thoughts, to successfully manage adult pain, fear of aging, family pressures and to resist the projective animosity of social, economic and personal environments. “Aquarian Teacher” page 197

“Kundalini Yoga is a science that everyone can work as an instrument to restore self-respect. “Aquarian Teacher” page 196