Kundalini Yoga, taught according to Yogi Bhajan, is called Awareness Yoga. Ancient science, it contains and synthesizes several other forms of yoga. Made up of a wide range of techniques, this dynamic yoga works through the body to the development and harmonization of all aspects of the human person. It helps to improve the organs and functions of our body, but above all it awakens the creative, physical, mental and spiritual energy potential that lies dormant in us.

Kundalini Yoga

The word “yoga” means “union. Yoga aims at the union of our individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness.

There are many forms of yoga: Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Nîdra yoga… Kundalinî Yoga includes them all in its practices. The oldest of all, it is considered the most complete yogas. As a result, it is particularly well suited to our hectic modern life. It is yoga that awakens your consciousness.

A Kundalinî Yoga Course

A course generally consists of three parts:

  • a series of exercises (called kriya), composed of dynamic postures (âsana) combined with breathing (prânâyâma),
  • a deep relaxation,
  • meditation (with mantra songs, breathing or silence).

The Effects of Kundalini Yoga

This dynamic blend helps reduce stress, reduce negativity and eliminate depression. After a practice, you will feel well, both relaxed and full of energy, and you will experience the natural serenity and joy to the awakened human being.

Gradually, your patterns of functioning will readjust to make you enjoy your most absolute right: the right to be happy, healthy and connected to the highest things in yourself.

How does Kundalini Yoga work?

This yoga awakens and activates the circulation of energy called kundalinî by yogis. It acts at all levels of your being which will be regenerated and which will thus reach a better balance.

  • On the physical level, postures, movements and breathing will energize your major systems (circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, nervous,…). They will strengthen your immune system and stimulate your self-healing abilities.
  • On the psychological level, his techniques of concentration and mind control will calm you, refocus you and pacify you emotionally.
  • At a more advanced level, it will allow you to expand your field of consciousness and develop your highest Self. By connecting with your inner being, your hearts will open and you will experience a peace and joy that you have never experienced before.