To achieve your highest potential, set new goals, manage or solve various problems, personal or professional, related to health, work, your relationships, family, a disease etc… ATLAS YOGA proposes to accompany and guide you with coaching sessions personalized or collective in the form of workshops conferences with topics by a process of conferences on line. For a private consultation consult the personalized coaching or group coaching section to know the dates, times and themes of the workshops and to register.

What is coaching?

A personalized accompaniment which aims at obtaining improvements concerning unsatisfactory living conditions, which aims at reaching your objectives and/or at exceeding certain professional or personal problems: relational, family, health, self-esteem, stress, work etc?

The coach guides you towards your autonomy by helping you to feel and accept your real need, to listen to you and to respect you, to realize your full potential.

True happiness, true self-realization, the joy of life is obtained when one allows one’s soul to express itself. The human being is composed of his personality, commonly called the ego, and his divine nature, his soul. The goal of the game is to peel the onion, everything that makes up our ego, to get to the core and allow that core to express itself and shine. From then on life adjusts itself and serves us in a disconcerting ease and fluidity. The joy of life sets in. We achieve a greater understanding of things, events, goals, the course of life. Peace is at the rendezvous.

ATLAS YOGA proposes to accompany you in this perspective.

Thanks to a very fine listening of your real intentions and the intentions of your soul, you will be accompanied towards your autonomy, towards your realization and your happiness.

Most problems, be they health, professional or relational, are there to guide us and put us back on the path of connection to our soul, to our true identity. We are too used to looking outside for a solution when the outside, our living conditions, are only a reflection of what is happening inside us.

ATLAS YOGA can accompany you and guide you to find this inner connection which will modify external conditions (work, health, relationships, anxiety, stress…)

We are two, our ego and our soul. Our ego always wants to take over until with some work he recognizes that he is not the master on board but that he is the friend of the soul. He then puts himself at his service.

For any problem: relational, professional, health, family or other you can contact us and benefit from private consultations.

Who is coaching for?

To everyone as soon as you feel a limit in this or that area of your life and you are ready to give yourself the means to invest in yourself.

The duration of the coaching?

The duration is indefinite and depends on what you are willing to give in terms of personal investment. It is with regular practice that you will obtain fruit.

The coach accompanies, guides and advises you, but the work is yours.

The coach shares his experience with you.

As a general rule, to obtain a lasting result, it must have been put to the test of time and space, which is why we commit to a duration of 10 sessions but you can also only benefit from one session.

The session lasts approximately 1 hour.

The difference between therapy and coaching?

Overall there is no difference if it is only very often when we talk about therapy it is that we are not well and when we talk about coaching, we already feel relatively well.

In both cases the path is the same.

ATLAS YOGA offers coaching that is both personalized follow-up and therapy. The goal is that you may always be better and live ever more in harmony, serenity and joy, that you may contact your inner wisdom, respect it and follow it, that you may develop your intuition.

ATLAS YOGA offers you a new form of coaching with the tools of the Kundalini Yoga tradition:

  • Sound and mantras to reprogram the mind and make the body vibrate
  • Yoga exercises to cleanse the body, circulate energy, enjoy our full energy potential, regain health, flexibility, fluidity
  • Listen and reconnect with the wisdom of the body
  • Learning to let go to welcome the new
  • Breathing to control emotions, to focus, to empty oneself
  • Disconnect from the mind. This does not mean that he no longer exists but simply that he puts himself at the service of our intuition.
  • Meditations to cleanse our unconscious that makes us always reproduce the same patterns of behavior
  • Learning to listen
  • Learn to receive. Nowadays receiving is complicated because it is a jump into the void, let go of control.
  • Feel and accept ALL your feelings without judgment. Accept yourself.
  • Controlling and overcoming anxiety, stress, emotions poorly managed. In short, to learn, to learn again, to respect and love each other.. Something is wrong with your surroundings or at work or with your health, it is something inside you that is wrong and requires to be recognized, loved, accepted. We are multiple, we are complex, we are rich.

Seva was trained in Sat Nam Rasayan (a technique derived from the Kundalini yoga tradition of deep relaxation in her true identity through unconditional recognition and acceptance of all her feelings), listening yoga and conscious communication.

She has trained with Guru Dev Singh, Yogi Bhajan, Queen Claire and Gaal.

Thanks to her exceptional feeling, her deep listening and her powerful intuition, she accompanies you, encourages you and guides you towards a greater realization of yourself.

She has been practicing and helping many people for 20 years.

Nav Prem: Consultation and therapy with crystals and crystal skull

I am at your service to help you, advise you, relieve you.

I offer consultations to answer your questions, dispel your doubts, develop your capacity for self-healing or simply advise you facing a difficulty you are going through.

A consultation lasts about 45 minutes and generally includes a silence time to open the healing space and establish the connection with my light guides. The dialogue then begins and you will soon feel the benefits.

Personal coaching, group coaching

ATLAS YOGA offers personalized coaching in individual sessions or group coaching in the form of themed conference workshops via an online conference process.

For a private consultation consult the personalized coaching or group coaching section to know the dates, times and themes of the workshops and to register.